Editor Controls

Controls for the editor, connecting/ moving Blocks, and hotkeys.


Controls and Hotkeys

Keys / Mouse Description
Right Click Opens the Context menu
Ctrl + left click drag Select Blocks
Scroll up Zoom in
Scroll down Zoom out
Left click drag Move the stage
Middle click drag Move the stage
Delete Deletes selected Blocks
Esc Closes the sidebar
B Open the 'Add Block' menu in the sidebar
h Horizontally aligns selected blocks
v Vertically aligns selected blocks
Ctrl + a Select all
Ctrl + c Copy selected
Ctrl + v Paste Blocks in clipboard
Ctrl + s Save the current Function


Context Menu

The Context menu is opened using right click. Or tapping on the screen if on a touch device. <br/>

<img width="500" src="/assets/images/contextMenu.png" />

This menu can vary depending on if a Block, Stage or wire is clicked. The Context menu features the following contextual controls:


  • Remove Parameter Links
  • Remove Execution Links
  • Remove All Links
  • Copy Block
  • Delete Block


  • Add Block
  • Focus Blocks
  • Paste Blocks
  • Copy Selected
  • Align Horizontally
  • Align Vertically
  • Delete Selected


  • Remove Link


  • Remove Links

Execution Pin

  • Remove Links


Block Selection

There are a few different ways to select blocks, and once they are selected you can perform various opperations on them.

  • Selection box - If you Ctrl + Left Click & Drag you can draw a selection box which will select all blocks within it
  • Left Click - Simply left clicking a block will select it
  • Ctrl Modifier - Without holding shift any selection opperation will also de-select any previously selected blocks. If you hold shift it will retain your previous selection as well as adding your newly selected blocks.


Linking parameters is a simple drag and drop but it follows a few basic rules:

  • An Output Parameter can't link to another output Parameter and an Input Parameter can't link to another Input Parameter
  • An Output Parameter can only link to an input parameter of it's own type or of the 'Any' type
  • An Output Parameter can link to many Input Parameters but an Input Parameter can only have one link
  • A parameter can't link to a parameter on the same block

Execution Pins

Execution pins work much the same as parameters, again, with a few basic rules:

  • An Output Execution Pin can't link to another Output Execution Pin and an Input Execution Pin can't link to another Input Execution Pin
  • An Input Execution Pin can have links from many Output Execution Pins but each Output Execution Pin can only link to one Input Execution Pin
  • An Execution Pin can't link to an Execution Pin on the same block

Viewing Results

After a Function has been run, results can be viewed either on the 'Return' Block, 'Log' Block or where an error has occured using the eye icon.

<img width="500" src="/assets/images/eye.png" />